Leak-proof drinking bowl
Leak-proof drinking bowl
Leak-proof drinking bowl
Leak-proof drinking bowl
Leak-proof drinking bowl
Leak-proof drinking bowl
Leak-proof drinking bowl

Leak-proof drinking bowl

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Say goodbye to messy overflows!

Are you tired of dealing with overflowing water bowls? We have the solution you've been waiting for! Our leak-proof water bowl is designed to keep your floors clean and your pets happy and hydrated. Thanks to the waterproof frame and floating plate, this innovative bowl effectively prevents water from spilling over and makes sloppy drinking a thing of the past.

Inconvenient Solution - The waterproof frame and floating plate effectively prevent spills and keep your floors clean and dry. Say goodbye to overflowing water bowls!

Clean Drinking Experience - The design keeps your pet's mouth clean and avoids wet, saliva-filled messes that often accompany traditional drinking bowls. Your floors stay clean and your pets have a clean drinking experience.

Promotes your pet's health - Drinking quickly can make your pet uncomfortable, but the automatically adjustable floating plate slows down your pet's drinking speed, reducing the risk of overdrinking and vomiting.

Sufficient water supply - The large capacity bowl ensures that your pet always has enough water, ensuring a constant hydration. This gives you peace of mind that your pets are well hydrated.


  1. Place the cover in the bowl with the paw in the middle
  2. Attach the rim to our leak-proof water bowl
  3. Fill the bowl with water so that the cover slowly floats up


  • No more bacteria in drinking water
  • No more spills
  • Waterproof and easy to clean
  • Slower water absorption
  • Large capacity of 1.5 L

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